Scholarships & Grants

Undergraduate Scholarships & Grants

Incoming Students

  • University College Achiever Scholarship
    The Admissions Committee gives merit-based scholarship consideration to undergraduate transfer students who apply for admission to their first bachelor’s degree. These scholarships are awarded regardless of financial need. Scholarships are tuition-only awards.
  • The Haudenosaunee Promise at University College
    The Promise scholarships are reserved for admitted, qualified, first-year and transfer students studying part-time at University College. Qualified students receive financial assistance equal to the cost of tuition, and mandatory fees for each year of part-time undergraduate study.

Current Students

The following named scholarships are available to current undergraduate students. Eligible students will be either selected and notified or invited to apply each year, usually in the spring term, for awards available the following fall/spring. Unless otherwise noted, all scholarships are tuition-only awards, covering the balance of tuition not covered by another source.

Parents Attending University College

The University College Child Care Grant is a need based grant available to Undergraduate, part-time students enrolled through University College who have submitted an application each term and meet the eligibility criteria. Grant amounts are calculated based on the number of hours a student is physically in class (not online) per week and the number of children in childcare that are under the age of 12.

Veterans, Active Service Members & Families

Now you can earn an undergraduate degree from a distinguished university, and you can do it while you are serving your country in the military. University College has developed a program especially for active duty service members. It combines flexible course formats with scholarship incentives that place a Syracuse University degree within your reach.

Outside Scholarships & Grant Sources

Other limited scholarships are available through government agencies, private organizations, business, civic, and social groups. Eligibility for these scholarships varies and is determined by the sponsors of each program.

Syracuse University Financial Aid and Scholarship Office

Syracuse University’s main campus office of Financial Aid and Scholarship  programs is a source for additional scholarship opportunities for undergraduates.

Web Searches

The web is also a good source of information on scholarship opportunities. Online scholarship search services include