Fall/Spring Graduate Financial Aid Application

If you are a new, stopped-out, or first-time aid graduate student, you are required to complete:

UC Graduate Financial Aid Application Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA)

Students may be required to submit copies of income documentation, which means a copy of the requested year’s IRS Tax transcript or non-taxable income documentation (such as from Social Security). Monitor your “To Do” list in MySlice periodically after submitting your completed FAFSA to see what documentation is required to complete your UC Financial aid application.

NOTE: Students admitted for summer or returning in summer after stopping-out for more than a year must complete two years’ FAFSAs, as the summer term is the final term in the academic year; fall, spring, summer. To receive summer aid, the current academic year’s FAFSA is needed (for which June 30th is the last date by which it can be completed). To receive aid in fall, spring and summer of the upcoming year, the newest FAFSA is required. Although summer may be your first term, it is not the first term of the academic year, which is why 2 years’ FAFSAs are needed. If you have questions, please contact our office.

If you are a continuous-returning graduate aid student:

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA)

Renewing students taking six (6) credit hours per term need complete only the FAFSA when renewing in consecutive years. Other enrollment loads and requests for work study, or increasing loan request amounts require students to submit an online application. Income documentation may or may not be required from students. Your financial aid advisor will review the FAFSA results after they are received. If documentation is needed, a task will be posted to MySlice . Check your financial aid status regularly.