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Syracuse University has a long history of support for those who serve in our country’s armed forces. Your contributions to our safety and security are valued, and we are honored to provide meaningful assistance as you pursue your educational goals.

Eligible student veterans are often able to complete their education at Syracuse without any out-of-pocket costs for tuition or fees utilizing GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon programs.

Currently serving military students enrolled in a Syracuse University online undergraduate degree program are eligible to receive a special tuition rate. Service members utilizing federal or state military tuition assistance (TA) may be eligible for 100 percent of tuition costs to be covered, meaning no additional out-of-pocket tuition expenses. This applies to eligible Active Duty, National Guard members, and US Reserve Component Military pursuing part-time online degrees.

**Syracuse University will honor the Department of Defense (DoD) TA rate for eligible military at the rate of $250 per credit hour, up to 24-semester hours – $6,000 per fiscal year.

Veteran & military admissions virtual information sessions are available the first Monday of every month. Sign up now.

Applied Data and Predictive Analytics, B.P.S.

Tying together the fields of computer science, management, and business intelligence, the applied data and predictive analytics degree program will prepare budding analysts to derive insights from complex data.

Learn More About the Bachelor’s in Applied Data and Predictive Analytics

Business Management

Our Business Management program offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary curriculum that explores contemporary business concepts, including international business, strategy, finance, global leadership, communication, project management, marketing and organizational management.

Learn More About the Bachelor’s in Business Management

Cybersecurity Administration

Learn the skills necessary to manage the people and technologies that protect vast networks of information in the digital age. A great opportunity to enter this fast-growing field.

Learn more about Cybersecurity Administration

Healthcare Administration

This  degree program provides the foundational knowledge of the healthcare field combined with business, finance, electronic records management, human resources, project management, negotiation, and conflict management skills.

Learn more About the Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration

Information Management and Technology, B.S.

Designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in a fast-paced and rewarding career, the information management and technology degree combines topics like cybersecurity, machine learning, AI and cloud computing, while expanding skills in leadership, project management and business.

Learn More About the Bachelor’s in Information Management & Technology

Knowledge Management

Embrace the challenges presented by the abundance of data in today’s digital environment. Learn how to manage and interpret data to solve problems and launch new initiatives to benefit an organization.

Learn more about Knowledge Management

Computer Programming

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how and why computer systems work and how to design solutions that encompass functionality and usability. Learn how to manage projects, understand system limitations, and write and test the code that will run software applications and programs.

Learn more about Computer Programming

Creative Leadership

Comprehensive skills for today’s leaders. Focus on effective management in the professional environment – work processes, conflict management, networking, task distribution, and more.

Learn more about Creative Leadership

Liberal Studies, B.A.

A solid foundation for career entry or the pursuit of a graduate degree. Comprehensive knowledge in a variety of disciplines for students who seek to widen their perspective on the world.

Learn more about Liberal Studies

Liberal Arts, A.A.

A comprehensive curriculum that promotes valuable skills for work or further study. Serves as an interim credential on the path to a baccalaureate degree or a standalone credential for entering the workforce.

Learn more about Liberal Arts

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