Undergraduate Online Degree Programs – part time!

Syracuse University’s reputation for excellence has been earned over nearly 150 years of classroom teaching on a diverse, inclusive campus. That commitment to high-quality learning now infuses our online degree programs, providing pathways to a Syracuse University degree for part-time students anywhere in the world.

Experience the benefits of a Syracuse University degree you can earn anywhere – while working, raising a family, or even if you are deployed outside of the U.S. Students can also register for online classes without applying to a degree program. Classes are fully online with interactive live sessions that meet weekly. Click here to search for online course offerings.

Applied Data and Predictive Analytics, B.P.S.

Tying together the fields of computer science, management, and business intelligence, the applied data and predictive analytics degree program will prepare budding analysts to derive insights from complex data.

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Business Management, B.P.S.

Our Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) in Business Management program offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary curriculum that explores contemporary business concepts, including international business, strategy, finance, global leadership, communication, project management, marketing and organizational management.

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Information Management and Technology, B.S.

Designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in a fast-paced and rewarding career, the information management and technology degree combines topics like cybersecurity, machine learning, AI and cloud computing, while expanding skills in leadership, project management and business.

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Cybersecurity Administration, B.P.S.

In today’s digital world there’s an urgent need for professionals trained in the protection of information systems by preventing, detecting, and responding to cyber-attacks. Gain the skills you need for a successful career in this exciting field in our online Cybersecurity Administration program.

Learn More About the Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity Administration Certificate (15 credits)

Healthcare Administration, B.P.S. 

Looking for a career in healthcare management? Our healthcare administration degree program provides foundational knowledge of the healthcare field combined with business, finance, electronic records management, human resources, project management, negotiation, and conflict management skills. This diverse course blending, balanced with health and management cores, will prepare you for career placement or advancement in the healthcare field.

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Computer Programming, B.P.S. 

Computer programmers are highly sought after by diverse employers in fields like defense contracting, finance, technology, and health care, to name only a few. In this program, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how and why computer systems work and how to design solutions that encompass functionality and usability. You will also learn how to manage projects, understand system limitations, and write and test the code that will run software applications and programs.

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Creative Leadership, B.P.S. 

Good leaders who think strategically, adapt to fast-changing business conditions, and are able to manage a multi-generational workforce using exceptional interpersonal skills are in high demand across industries and sectors. Learn these skills and much more with our online  Creative Leadership program. A 15-credit certificate is also available.*

Learn More About the Bachelor’s in Creative Leadership Certificate (15 credits) Minor (18 credits)

Knowledge Management, B.P.S. 

Organizations today have access to a wealth of data—and the ones that can use it effectively stand to benefit enormously. Prepare to help organizations effectively manage key information and technology while completing your undergraduate degree online at Syracuse University. The knowledge management degree program teaches you how to embrace the challenges presented by the abundance of data in today’s digital environment. Learn how to manage and interpret data to solve problems, launch new initiatives, and ultimately benefit an organization.  A 15-credit certificate is also available.*

Learn More About the Bachelor’s in Knowledge Management Certificate (15 credits) Minor (18 credits)

Liberal Studies, B.A.

The Liberal Studies degree program imparts comprehensive knowledge in a variety of disciplines and provides a solid foundation for career entry or the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. It is ideal for students who seek to widen their perspective on the world by providing you with a robust general education in the areas of humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

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Liberal Arts, A.A.

Whether you’re looking for an interim degree on the path to a baccalaureate degree or a standalone credential for entering the workforce, our 60-credit online A.A. in Liberal Arts program will provide a comprehensive education that promotes valuable skills for work or further study.

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Credit and Noncredit Certificates & Programs

University College offers many opportunities to continue your education beyond just earning a Syracuse University degree, take a look at some of the options:

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