Welcome to University College’s alumni page.  Whether you earned your degree part-time online or on campus, you are a valuable member of the University College alumni network. There are over 23,000 members of our Orange family who earned a Syracuse University degree part-time.

As SU alumni, you are invited to take advantage of the many benefits of being Orange. Check out the Office of Alumni Engagement home page for a list of events and activities that are available to you.

Alumni and Student Success Stories

Click below to read success stories of current students and alumni, like yourself. To be profiled in an upcoming newsletter or on our website, send your story or contact information to parttime@syr.edu.

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Continue your Lifelong Learning

University College offers many opportunities to continue your education beyond your Syracuse University degree, take a look at some of the options:

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Philanthropy is important to help the students of today become the leaders of tomorrow. As University College alumni, you or someone you know likely received financial support that made it possible to continue your education and earn a degree.

Learn more  about the variety of funds and scholarships available that will help current University College students achieve their dreams. Your support can make a positive impact on the next generation of graduates.

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