About the Application

  • Application deadline: July 5, 2019
  • At any point throughout your progress, you may need to pause your application process and return at a later point to resume and submit. Your progress will be saved after progressing to the next page within the survey. To return to your survey, please click on the application link found on the website using the same browser and computer you used to start the application. This resuming capability will work within a 7 day window. Please note that your progress will not be saved if you clear your browser cache/cookies, are working in incognito mode, or if you change browsers.
Application Requirements:

You will be required to write one 3-5 paragraph essay and a responses to three short-answer reflections. Please plan your time accordingly so you can provide in-depth reflections and submit the application prior to the deadline.

  • Please provide a 3-5 paragraph spiritual autobiographical essay which highlights the journey of your vocation and calling to ministry up to the present. (If you wish, please include any experiences that you might wish to share of God inviting you to service).
  • Please describe other leadership development programs you have attended. What were your take-aways? What do you still need to work on?
  • Please write a summary, describing the innovation-related challenges confronting your organization.
  • Please describe how will you find time each day to meet your daily responsibilities, nourish your spiritual life as well as complete the work required over the course program.

Sponsor Statement

A required part of the application process is a sponsor appraisal statement. This statement should be completed by a supervisor, board member within the organization or a community leader who is thoroughly familiar with you and can provide a detailed, firsthand appraisal. Please provide a valid email of the sponsor you would like to provide the appraisal statement and an email will be sent to them immediately following your application submission. The application will not be reviewed until both the application and Sponsoring Statement have been received.

To be eligible for attendance, the candidate must be an employee of the sponsoring organization throughout the entire session of the Fellowship of Emerging Leaders in Ministry.

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