Course Content and Organization

Course Content

In this module-style program, participating Fellows will explore ways to be both reflective and action-oriented in leading their faith communities through a deeply personal and reflective transformative and renewal process.

A key component of the program is the innovation in ministry challenge. The innovation challenge is a creative learning lab that will facilitate experimentation with new pedagogical methods in a supportive and collaborative environment.  Through this experience Fellows will learn how to lead innovation through design thinking principles, learning what it feels like to think, behave, and interact in ways that develop and implement co-creative solutions within their communities. Drawing from Syracuse University and Le Moyne College’s outstanding faculty and community leaders, the Fellows will engage in developing strategies to successfully enable their organizations to innovate and sustain over the course of time.

While the program emphasizes group collaboration, Fellows also engage in guided self-reflection and a unique approach to peer coaching that further their evolving innovative mindsets.