About the International Year One (iY-1) Program

International Student with Otto in the DomeThe iY-1 Program is a valuable solution for international students offering unprecedented access to US higher education and greater levels of student success than in any other program or route to the US. Syracuse University, in partnership with Interlearn, Inc, has developed a special blended learning first year university curriculum for students in designated countries. This program replaces standardized exams and troublesome application requirements with a practical education and advantageous admission.

International students who qualify for this program begin Syracuse University classes in their home countries, usually their hometowns, taking credit-bearing courses, language lessons, and culture and study skills modules from Syracuse University faculty and local teachers. Upon successful completion of the program, students continue into their second undergraduate year in their chosen major on the Syracuse University campus in the US.

Key benefits of the iY-1 Program:

  • TOEFL/IELTS and SAT/ACT exempt, nor is there need for personal essays, recommendations, or extracurriculars. Turn a year of anxiety into a year of practical learning.
  • Begin first year university in your home country. Broaden your options and be proactive, take control of your future instead of waiting for answers and changes, and arrive in the US fully prepared to build your academic and professional future.
  • Hybrid learning offers convenience and quality. Study with local instructors teaching face-to-face in small groups and online with Syracuse professors’ lectures and office hours.
  • Syracuse status and admission. Students receive Syracuse accounts, official transcripts, admission letters, and all Syracuse University online resources while in this program.
  • Real Syracuse University courses and credits. Courses are taught directly by Syracuse University professors with all credits applicable toward your degree. Syracuse University is a highly ranked institution whose credits and degrees are recognized globally.
  • Save cost and save time. Spend less on first-year tuition and living expenses. High school students can begin in 12th grade, reducing total college time and further lowering cost.

How it works

  1. September: Start 1st Year undergrad in home country or
    January: Start 1st Year undergrad in home country
  2. Continue college summer session in the US on the Syracuse University campus
  3. Begin 2nd year undergrad at Syracuse University with 22 or 33 credits (depending on initial starting time)

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