Why Cybersecurity Administration?

The digital world has created an urgent need for the protection of information systems in every sector – personal, professional, corporate, governmental, national and international. Preventing, detecting, and responding to attacks is essential to all organizations, and cybersecurity specialists are fighting on the front lines of this effort. Cybersecurity administrator job openings have risen exponentially since 2010.

Syracuse University’s 120-credit bachelor degree in cybersecurity administration is a fully online program with interactive live sessions that you can complete from anywhere in the world. This degree provides the skills needed to manage people and technologies required to protect information, information systems and infrastructures.

Learn how our Bachelor of Professional Studies degrees are differentiated from the University’s BA and BS degrees in important and necessary ways here.

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Cybersecurity Administration Program Objectives:

  1. Provide essential skills for managing the people and technologies that protect information, information systems, and infrastructures
  2. Understand network setup, database coding and scripting, network protocols, and systems administration
  3. Evaluate organizational system vulnerabilities and matters of information security to stakeholders by employing technological, analytical, communication, ingenuity and critical thinking skills
  4. Develop the analytical and critical thinking skills necessary to assess risks, solve complex problems, and improve security policies and protocols
  5. Become detail-oriented and creative in detecting, responding to, and fixing problems and flaws in systems and networks

Learn these in-demand skills:

  • Information Technology Management
  • Digital Forensics
  • Applied Information Security
  • Communication
  • Ethics and Critical Thinking
  • Relationship Management

Students learn skills to succeed as a specialist or administrator in positions like:

  • Information Security
  • Networking Setup
  • Core Database, Coding and Scripting
  • Auditing
  • Network Protocols
  • Systems Administration
  • Health Care
  • Finance and Accounting

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