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If you have completed a bachelor’s degree and would like to pursue a graduate degree as a part-time student, you’ll find a lot of support at Syracuse University. Many of SU’s schools and colleges offer graduate degrees and certificates through part-time study, which can be completed either on campus or via distance learning.

UC academic advisors will work with you to find a graduate program that fits your talents, interests, and professional goals. We encourage you to visit the Syracuse University Graduate School  site regarding the requirements specific to the programs that interest you.

It is advised that you take no more than two graduate courses (six credits) before being admitted to a graduate program. Students may find that credits completed on a nonmatriculated basis may not always be applied to specific graduate programs. You should consult the specific academic department if you want to enroll in classes that will exceed an accumulated total of 12 graduate credits (four 3-credit classes). At this point, you should either become a matriculated degree candidate, or secure written permission from the academic department to continue taking classes as a nonmatriculated student.

Whether you’re interested in applying to a graduate degree program or registering for just one course, we’re here to help you take the next step.

Selecting a Graduate Degree Program

Begin by scheduling an appointment with an academic advisor. Our advising staff is specially trained to assist you in selecting a degree program that fits your needs. Please contact the Student Academic Services Office, or complete our Request Information form to have a representative contact you.

Meeting With an Advisor

UC Advisors are happy to meet with you while you’re exploring your options. They’ll help you narrow down your choices of graduate programs and focus on the one that works best for your career goals, interests, and talents.

If you know what you’d like to study in graduate school, it’s best to go directly to your academic department with questions, as they will have program-specific information that pertains to you. Below is a link to the schools and colleges of the University and channels for seeking further information about your admission. If your program or school does not have an individual listed below, consult the listed web site for the correct person to contact.

Graduate School Contact List

Register for a course

Part-time students can register for graduate courses without applying to a degree program, but we strongly recommend that you not take any more than two graduate courses (six credits) before being admitted to a graduate program. Credits completed before you matriculate may not apply to the graduate program you end up pursuing.

All new UC graduate and undergraduate students register via our UC online registration process. Returning UC students should register via MySlice. Students who would like assistance can register in person at the University College Bursar Registration Office at 700 University Ave, Syracuse, NY.