Tyler Bell

Tyler Bell PortraitTyler Bell is the current College of Professional Studies Director of Diversity & Inclusivity Excellence and Assistant Teaching Professor. Being one of the first students to graduate from the School of Education under it’s five-year model. Tyler earned a bachelor’s degree in History and master’s degree from the School of Education in Social Studies Education which set the foundation for the career he loves, being a lifelong learner and educator.

Tyler has held many roles within education teaching in a public and charter high schools for five years while serving as a department chair and instructional coach. The culmination of Tyler’s career came at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year when I was profiled on NBC’s Meredith Vieria daytime talk show and meeting the inspiration for me becoming a teacher, Steve Harvey.

Currently, Tyler is a Ph.D candidate in the School of Education Cultural Foundations of Education program. Tyler’s research interests include analyzing the role of African American museums throughout the United States in the past and present and how they can be models of representation and engagement of social justice education in classrooms and communities. Courses that Tyler has taught/facilitated at Syracuse University include: EDU 310 (The American School), CAS 102 (SummerStart Seminar), BPS 100 (Orange Immersion), and EDU 470 (Selected Studies Internship). When Tyler is not teaching his interests include reading, traveling to different cities, and watching sports.