University College announces a new online bachelor of professional studies program (BPS) in computer programming. The program was developed in response to employers seeking graduates who have the skills to meet the demands of the rapidly changing field of technology.

Employers are looking for individuals who have both soft skills and technical skills, are problem solvers and are passionate about technology. Computer programmers can choose a wide variety of career paths, including health care, criminal justice, defense contracting, finance and more.

Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of how and why computer systems work and how to design solutions that encompass functionality and usability. They will also learn how to manage projects, understand system limitations, and write and test the code that will run software applications and programs.

Syracuse University’s 120-credit Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) degree in computer programming is a fully online program with weekly interactive live sessions.

Fall semester registration is now open. Spring 2022 semester registration begins Wednesday, November 3rd. For more information contact University College at 315.443.9378, toll free at 1.866.498.9378 or email