7 Tips from a Post-Traditional Student if you are Considering Pursuing a Degree

Vincent Cuevas at the Barnes CenterVicente (Vinnie) Cuevas ’23 is a post-traditional student studying Creative Leadership through University College. Vinnie balances work, classes and wellness through connections with campus life. “As a student who has operated in a professional capacity, I think that the learning experiences I’ve had are unique. I can bring a different perspective into the classroom by sharing a real-world point of view on the workforce and the makeup of an organization.”

Take a look at Vinnie’s tips for other post-traditional students considering pursuing a degree:

  1. In the words of Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It.” Take that leap and start your learning journey.
  2. It’s never too late to enroll. Your road to a degree starts right where you are. Take that first step and don’t be afraid, no matter your age or prior experiences with higher education.
  3. Begin with classes that you feel confident about. Start with what you know, and then build on that knowledge.
  4. Make sure your work schedule can accommodate your class schedule, so there’s time for study and rest.
  5. Talk with your family or support system about the upcoming changes and how they might be able to help you meet obligations.
  6. Know your campus resources. Get to know your advisor. See what the library has to offer. Like any other student, you pay a student fee, so use the services that are available to you.
  7. Just be you. Don’t worry about trying to fit in or feeling like the odd person out. Bring your whole self. All of your mistakes, successes and prior experiences make you valuable. Don’t sell yourself short. You have a lot to offer by just being you.

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