University College has formed partnerships with two online digital skills providers, Pathstream and Stack Education, to offer six new continuing education non-credit certificate programs.

These hands-on, non-credit certificate programs equip individuals with skills  to prepare them for their next job, promotion or the launch of their own business. Programs are focused on applied technology career areas with high demand and job growth such as project management, data analytics and digital marketing, data science, 3D development, clinical trial management and customer relationship management.

“These partnerships are an important part of Syracuse University’s response to the rapidly increasing demand for access to non-traditional programs, certificates, and credentials,” says University College Dean Michael Frasciello. “Non-traditional learners are turning to University College for executive education, short-courses, informal alternative education and micro-credentials. Our non-credit certificate programs are accelerating our response to ensure that these learners continue re-skilling and re-tooling to stay competitive and keep learning over the course of their lives.”

Current non-credit certificate offerings:

These programs are set to start in September and October.

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