Robin Morgan

Portrait of Robin Morgan
Robin Morgan

Robin Morgan attended college after high school, but left to work full time. Years later, the economic downturn made her rethink her approach, and in her late 40s, she returned to college to finish her degree. Robin’s re-education began at Onondaga Community College and culminated at SU, where she studied part time through University College. At 50, Robin graduated from SU with the highest GPA in her class of part-time students.

At the beginning of her journey, Robin was sure of three things. “I knew SU had an excellent transfer agreement with OCC, that I wanted to make a career change, and that I wished to continue my education at Syracuse University,” she recalls. But shortly after enrolling at OCC, her job was eliminated. At that point, continuing her education was a “calculated risk,” she says. “The economy was down, but I decided to finish at OCC and go on to University College. There are never any guarantees,” she reasoned, “and in order to succeed in a competitive job market I needed every advantage. I saw having a degree from Syracuse University as being the most proactive step I could take.”

Choosing UC had many advantages. “The transfer agreement with OCC meant I could pick up with ease where I left off,” she says. “I was able to transfer the maximum number of credits and complete my bachelor’s degree more quickly. The tuition rates were affordable, and I could attend year-round.”

Once she had her degree, Robin’s job search led to the Program Manager position with Literacy Volunteers of Greater Syracuse (LVGS). “I am passionate about adult literacy, and now I see the importance of what I do every day and the difference it makes to others,” she says.  In retrospect, she knows that SU was just the right fit for her. “I believe that getting a quality education is what made the difference. It is never too late to return to school and make a positive change in our lives.”