A non-matriculated student is one who takes courses and has not been officially admitted into a degree program. A student must be matriculated in order to earn a degree from Syracuse University, and obtain most types of financial aid.

Types of Aid Available

University College Incentive Grant

New University College undergraduate students and those returning after an absence of at least five years. Matriculation is not required.

Alternative (Private) Educational Loans

Alternative (Private) education loans are based on the student’s credit worthiness and may require the student to have a co-signer.


Veteran’s Educational Benefits

Veteran’s Educational Benefits are available for up to two semesters to non-matriculated students. Students who are eligible for these benefits may apply to use them during the semester. Benefits approved for use during the current semester are not continued for the next semester unless the student so requests, and registration does not automatically activate your benefits. Requests to use the benefits for the semester will be accepted beginning February 15 for summer terms, March 1 for fall terms, and October 1 for spring terms.

Call 315.443.3261 for veteran’s information. VA Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits are administered between the student’s VA counselor and the Syracuse University Bursar Office, 119 Bowne Hall.

Questions about Financial Aid?