Students often take classes that do not earn college credit. Some just want to take a class that interests them, and others take classes that they can use to further their knowledge and skill sets for job advancement or security. Limited types of aid is available to non-credit students.

Private / Alternative Educational Loans

Private / Alternative education loans are based on the student’s credit worthiness, and may require the student to have a co-signer. More information can be found at the Syracuse University’s Office of Financial Aid Alternative & Private Loans page.

Veteran’s Educational Benefits

Veteran’s Educational Benefits may be available to students in eligible noncredit programs. Students who are eligible for these benefits may apply to use them during the semester. Benefits approved for use during the current semester are not continued for the next semester unless the student so requests, and registration does not automatically activate your benefits. Requests to use the benefits for the semester will be accepted beginning February 15 for summer terms, March 1 for fall terms, and October 1 for spring terms.

Call 315.443.3261 for veteran’s information. VA Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits are administered between the student’s VA counselor and the Syracuse University Bursar Office, 102 Archbold North.

Questions about Financial Aid?