The University College Financial Aid office administers financial aid for the following Syracuse University student groups:

Part-time Undergraduates

  1. admitted (matriculated) in one of these programs
    • Syracuse Course Programs, i.e., part-time commuter students
    • Distance Degree Programs (online)
  2. Non-matriculated

Part-time Graduates

  1. admitted (matriculated) in one of these programs
    • Distance Degree Programs (online)
    • Master’s Certificate
  2. Non-matriculated (private/alternative loans only)

Non-credit programs

  • private/alternative loans only

All other Syracuse University student groups are served by the Main Campus Financial Aid office, 200 Bowne Hall, 315-443-1513, except law students, who are served by the law college’s financial aid office.

Staff Members

Peg Stearns portrait
Margaret Stearns
Sana'a El-Amir portrait
Sana’a El-Amir
Janet Lafata portrait
Janet Lafata
University College of Syracuse University
David MacDonald