Syracuse University has been helping students fulfill their educational and career goals since 1870. For nearly 150 years, SU has welcomed full-time students to enhance their lives and start working toward their career goals. Beginning in 1918, SU opened its doors to part-time, nontraditional students who wanted to improve themselves through higher education. As the home of part-time study at SU, University College invites you to take part in all that SU has to offer. Whether you’re part-time, full-time, or just interested in taking a single class, you’ve come to the right place. Choose your category below and find the information you need.

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Part-time Undergraduate Study

Some people don’t attend college after high school, and many start an associate or bachelor’s degree, but life intervenes and they never finish. If you’d like to start or finish a college degree, just take a class or two, or work toward a certificate, University College can help you do it on a part-time basis. Even if you’re working and raising a family, you can study part-time by taking classes in the evening, online, or through other flexible formats.

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Interested in taking a class?

You don’t have to be enrolled in a degree program to take classes at Syracuse University. Anyone can enroll in an SU course as long as you meet the prerequisites specific to that class. Explore the late afternoon and evening classes offered through UC’s credit course schedule, or a more extensive list of classes offered during the daytime on MySlice.

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Other Study Options

Syracuse University has a comprehensive list of undergraduate and graduate programs for full-time students with a wide range of interests. SU’s long tradition of academic exploration, research, innovation, and diversity is alive and well on campus and reflected in thousands of distinguished alumni across the globe.

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Full-time Undergraduate Study

If you’re in high school or have recently graduated from high school, Syracuse University has a world of opportunities for you. There are nearly 12,000 undergraduates studying at one of SU’s nine undergraduate colleges. You can choose from more than 200 majors and 90 minors, and you can even take on a dual major, if your interests vary.

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Full-time Graduate Study

If you have a bachelor’s degree and want to pursue a master’s degree, SU has a full range of choices for you. Many SU master’s degrees offer an online component, so you can complete the degree with very little commuting to campus. Explore the wide range of opportunities to further your education with a master’s degree or Ph.D. at SU.

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Intra-University Transfers

If you are currently a full-time SU student and want to transfer to part-time study, you can request an intra-university transfer. Part time students may register for up to 11 credit hours each semester.