University College produces publications for different audiences, including current and prospective students, alumni, donors, and the general public. Stay up-to-date on UC events, schedules, procedures, and stories of interest by clicking on the following links.

UC Connections

This online newsletter is e-mailed to prospective students twice a year. UC Connections shares information about UC recruiting events and information sessions, and links to articles that might be helpful and interesting to adults who are considering college study.

UC Connections

UC Priorities

UC Priorities is the newsletter for University College current students and alumni. It is published bi-annually, in the spring and fall. Each issue features a student or alumni profile (or both), an update on the activities of the UC staff, recent events taking place at UC, and feature stories about different departments, programs, or people relative to UC.

UC Priorities

UC Times

Current enrolled students receive this publication during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. UC Times contains detailed information about registration, deadlines, financial aid, and supports like career services, tutoring, etc.

UC Times

Additional University College Publications

University College Handbook

This handbook is packed with useful information about being a student at Syracuse University, and is updated annually. Everything from SU’s mission to a grading chart and graduation procedures.

University College Handbook 2016-17
PDF / 1mb

Opening Doors

This publication was created in 2012 to showcase University College’s history, achievements, connections to the community, and more, with striking photos accompanying each topic.

University College - Opening Doors
PDF / 1mb