Tani Huddleson and her family

Teenage Mom Beats the Odds at UC

Just nine years ago, Tani Huddleson was a single, unemployed high school dropout with a newborn baby. She swore she’d give her son a better chance at life, and after earning her GED, Huddleson enrolled in a degree program at University College through the Higher Education Opportunity Program. Five years later, she is doing an internship in forensic science

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Alpha Sigma Lambda Recognition

An Honors Reception to recognize University College achievers will take place March 10 in the Panasci Lounge at Schine Student Center. Part of this inspiring annual event will be the induction of new members into Alpha Sigma Lambda (ASL), the country’s oldest and largest chapter-based honor society for nontraditional students. ASL was founded in 1945 and boasts more than

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Employers looking for soft skills

Employers are looking hard for soft skills

The job market has long been friendly toward workers with technical skills, but there’s an increasing demand for soft skills now, too. The rapidly changing economy now demands employees with well-rounded skillsets. Employers are seeking candidates who are skilled speakers, writers, managers, and collaborators as well as those with good analytical skills. READ MORE.

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Going back to school

Making the Choice to Go Back to School

Are you ready for the challenge of going back to school?   The decision to go back to school as an adult can be a complex one. Prospective adult students face many complicating factors that “traditional” students usually don’t think about. With families, community obligations, jobs, and household duties, free-time is limited for adults interested in returning to college.

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Part-time study for adults

Full-time vs. Part-time: Which is Best for You?

Weigh the pros and cons of full-time versus part-time to create the course schedule that fits your lifestyle. As an adult student, you have a variety of unique decisions to make as you proceed down the pathway toward higher education.  Aside from the typical decisions of where to go to school and what you want to study, you will

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