University College’s commitment to the part-time student hasn’t changed for more than 100 years, but the financial world of higher education has. Student loans make up a higher proportion of student aid packages than just ten years ago. We ask for your help to increase our scholarship and grant funds to counterbalance this trend.

Reasons for giving:

  • To help people change their lives; UC students know what they want to do with their education.
  • To insure others have the same opportunity as you did to get a quality education.
  • In appreciation for the impact education has had in your life or in gratitude for a special professor.
  • To help shape the direction of a program or UC initiative.
  • To create the legacy of philanthropy in others; this is “pay it forward” in action.
  • To achieve substantial tax benefits in a world of low cost basis and highly appreciated assets.

University College wants to provide every student the scholarship support they need. Regrettably, our scholarship funds fall far short of the student need. Almost all of our students need financial aid or the support of their employer in order to obtain a college education.

Your gift will enable UC to enhance program offerings, upgrade facilities, test new initiatives and courses, and expand student services. We count on our alumni and friends to help our students achieve their goals.

Give to University College

Syracuse University Office of Alumni Engagement has an easy online donation system for you to contribute to University College. Your donation to University College will help enhance our programs and facilities for current and future part time students.

University College Online Giving Form
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