Applicants who wish to continue their studies at Syracuse University on a part-time basis do so through University College. If you are applying as a part-time undergraduate student, you must have previous college experience and plan to enroll at SU for 11 or fewer credits per semester. Degree programs can be completed part time by taking campus courses or through a variety of flexible course formats (including Accelerated, Condensed, Online, and Weekend). We welcome transfer students from colleges across the country in almost all undergraduate programs of study. Syracuse University has transfer articulation relationships with a select number of colleges. If you are attending a college that is currently not on the Articulation Agreements  list, you should consult the UC Academic Advising Office for proper course scheduling and advising, if considering a transfer to Syracuse. Syracuse University grants transfer credit  based on the content of courses previously completed, their applicability to the intended program, and the quality of the student’s performance. Credit is allowed only for those courses in which a grade of C or better has been earned.

Students may transfer:

  • Credits from accredited American colleges and universities
  • Credits from approved institutions in other countries
  • Credits from external examinations
  • Extra-institutional learning

Undergraduate students must take at least 30 credit hours of coursework at Syracuse University in order to be granted an SU degree. SU will accept a maximum of 66 semester credit hours from two-year colleges and will grant a maximum of 90 semester credit hours from four-year colleges. View Academic Rules and Regulations for more information about transferring college credit to Syracuse University.

Undergraduate Students

Part-time students can earn a bachelor’s degree, associate degree or certificate from Syracuse University in a wide range of majors and disciplines. Find the program that works for you.

Intra-University Transfers

Full-time students transferring to University College and switching to part-time status may register for up to 11 credits in the semester after the transfer.

Other Types of Transferable Credit

Read more about Transferable Credit in the SU Course Catalog Credit page.

College Board Advancement (AP) and College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The student’s home college or school will evaluate and apply accepted credit to the degree program for AP and CLEP examinations. Schools and colleges will be guided by the recommendations of minimum acceptable score, awardable credit, and SU course equivalency made by the academic unit with principal responsibility for the examination subject. Current recommendations are shown in Table B and Table C. Examinations not represented on these tables may be assessed at the discretion of the appropriate academic unit. A student’s home college or school may have different score requirements than these recommendations, both for awarding credit and satisfying degree requirements.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Credit for Higher Level IB examinations completed with a grade of 5 or higher will be awarded as indicated in Table D. No credit will be awarded for Subsidiary Level exams or additional requirements.

Military Service Academic Credit

Students who have completed any United States military training should request that Student Administrative Services (700 University Avenue) make a preliminary evaluation of military training and service school records for possible credit. Recommendations will be considered by the home school or college for possible application to the degree program. (Note: Credit earned in military science and aerospace science offered through the Army and Air Force ROTC programs does not count toward the number of credits required for graduation unless the courses are cross-listed with regular University courses.)

Questions about Part-Time Study?