You’re welcome to register for a class even If you aren’t enrolled in a degree program at Syracuse University. Be sure that you meet the academic prerequisites for the class, and you’re ready to learn! Choose your class from the list of late afternoon and evening classes in Part Time credit course schedule, or choose from a more extensive list at MySlice .

Be sure to consult with an academic advisor if you decide to enroll in a degree program at SU. They will help you ensure that the classes you choose are applicable to the course of study you intend to pursue.

Spring 2018 registration begins November 8, 2017. Registration deadline for regular session classes is January 15, 2018.


New Students

  1. For the most up-to-date class listings, visit MySlice > Course Catalog & Class Search > Search for Classes (Search directions here) .
    1. Note: Login is not required. All individuals have full search capability as a Guest User.
    2. Use the Class Registration Worksheet to help you with class selections.
    3. Make sure you meet all class requirements listed in the class details section in Search for Classes.
    4. Make careful note of the meeting times and dates for the class selection(s). Some classes have multiple sections, each meeting at a different time.
    5. Make note of the 5-digit class number—necessary for registration.
  2. You must have a valid personal e-mail address in order to create an account and register for classes. You will receive important information after you register at that e-mail address.
  3. Decide upon your desired payment option- for detailed descriptions please go to Payment Options & Awards  
  4. Have your electronic banking information or your credit card ready for any required payment.
  5. For step by step instructions and troubleshooting techniques to assist you through the registration process, use our Registration Process Guide


New Students

  1. Go to UC online registration process .
  2. If you have no previous or current affiliation with Syracuse University, enter your personal e-mail address on the RIGHT SIDE of the page. Enter your biographic and previous education information.
  3. If you are a current staff or faculty member; a dependent or spouse of a staff or faculty member;  or a previous SU student (including former Project Advance students), you already have an SU NetID. Enter your NetID on the LEFT SIDE of the page.
    1. If you do not know your NetID, go to ITS: NetID Services or call 315.443.3677 for assistance.
    2. Do NOT create a new record by entering info on the right side of the page.
    3. If you are uncertain if you already exist, call the UC Bursar & Registration Office at 315-443-4135.
  4. Enter the 5-digit class number of the desired class(es).
  5. Complete the financial disclaimer; the E signature form; and the promissory note.
  6. Make note of your Syracuse University Identification Number (SUID) on the top of the Payment page. You will need this to activate your permanent NetID later on.
  7. APPLY any Payment Awards that indicate a dollar amount. These have been pre-determined for you.
  8. SELECT a Payment Option to pay any charges not covered by a Payment Award.
  9. CLICK Pay Balance Now to pay any remaining BALANCE indicated on the bottom of the page.
    1. Do not leave the banking information submission page without entering a credit card or E-banking info.
    2. Close the payment tab when done (do not close the browser) to obtain a confirmation.
  10. Failure to complete these payment steps will result in cancellation of your class schedule.
  11. Print your class schedule from the link at the bottom of the confirmation page or go to MySlice > Student Services> Enrollment>  View My Class Schedule.


Note: An e-mail with your temporary NetID will immediately be sent to your personal e-mail address. A second e-mail will contain your temporary password. You may use this information to re-enter the registration process until your permanent NetID is sent to you. That will normally be within 5 business days of registration. Instructions explaining how to activate your permanent NetID will accompany that email. There is NO activation process for the temporary NetID. Your temporary NetID will not allow access to Blackboard or other programs used by SU faculty. Therefore, it is imperative that you begin using your permanent NetID as soon as notification is received.

Questions about Costs & Registration?