These links will answer your Intra-university Transfer (IUT) questions about academics, student life, financial aid, and tuition and registration. Your advisor is also a great source of information for specific advice about these topics and how they relate to you.

Academics and Student Life

Main campus undergraduate students may not transfer to University College. Consult University College Admissions and Advising for information about transfers among University College’s programs.

Part-time students might not be covered under their parents’ health insurance. Students should check with the insurance company for verification of this. If necessary, you may arrange to purchase health insurance through the Health Center by calling 315.443.2668.

Part-time students are not eligible to live in University housing.

University College handles paperwork for part-time students: Registration, Petitions, Financial Aid, Bursar, Degree Certifications, etc.

Yes. Syracuse University awards your degree.

You may qualify for the Last Semester Senior Rate Exception if you are a last semester senior with less than 12 credits to complete your degree, and have completed 8 full-time semesters at SU (10 for Industrial and Interaction Design and Architecture). You can then petition through your home college to register through Main Campus and pay the University College tuition rate. Details are available in the Syracuse University Bulletin Tuition, Fees, and Related Policies, address: . If you qualify, for the Last Semester Senior Rate Exception, you are not eligible to transfer to University College.

Yes. As a part-time student, you can register for Main Campus classes.

Student-Athletes–Contact their Academic Coordinator in the Student-Athlete Support Services office, 315.443.2702. International Students– International undergraduate students in F-1 or J-1 visa status must submit a Last Semester Memo to the Slutzker Center. Forms are available on the Slutzker web site at . Using Veterans Educational Benefits?–Inform the Veterans Resource Center (700 University Ave., Room 107, or of your status change.

Financial Aid

Your financial aid is likely to change. University aid intended for full-time study will be cancelled (example: Dean’s, Chancellor’s, and Founders’ Scholarships or Syracuse University Scholarship or Grant). You may retain federal student loans. All forms of aid will need to be reviewed, in view of your reduced cost of attendance. You may wish to make an appointment to meet with a financial aid advisor in the University College Financial Aid Office, 700 University Ave., Room 107, to discuss your situation.

Students enrolled at least half-time (6 credits or more) keep their loans in deferment status. Students who are enrolled less than half-time will be contacted by their loan servicing agency to establish repayment arrangements.

Tuition and Registration

Yes. Part-time undergraduates pay less per credit at University College.  Consult or the current Part-time Course Schedule or the SU Bulletin Tuition, Fees and Related Policies  for the current tuition rates.

If you already registered as a Main Campus student for the term, you will need to adjust your schedule to part-time status (less than 12 credit hours) within 7 days after notification that the transfer has been processed. Beginning one week before the start of the term, students have 24 hours after notification to schedule adjust to part time. If you have not registered, you should do so as soon as possible for the best class selection. Contact the University College Bursar/Registration Office at 315.443.4135 to speak with your Student Services Coordinator for information on University College registration policies and procedures.

Students who registered prior to the transfer must choose their University College payment option within 7 days after notification that the transfer has been processed. Beginning one week before the start of the term, students have 24 hours after notification to choose a payment option. The Student Deferred Payment Plan requires a down payment of 25 percent of tuition payable by credit card or electronic banking. Call the University College Bursar/Registration Office if you experience difficulty or do not have computer access. Part-time students who register after the IUT has been processed will select a payment option at the time of their registration.


Part-time students don’t pay the health fee; as a result, the student must pay for any visit and related fees at the Health Center. Part-time students don’t pay the student activity or co-curricular fee, which makes them ineligible for student ticket discounts and any other discounts for activities or events sponsored by student activity fee monies

University College students are required to pay all class fees and certain program fees. All fees are due at the time of registration. Students who registered prior to the transfer must pay all fees within 7 business days of submitting transfer forms. Consult the SU Bulletin Tuition, Fees, and Related Policies for current fee rates.