You have so many choices when it comes to completing your undergraduate study part time, so why choose Syracuse University? The very best reason is this: SU has a distinguished 150-year history and an international reputation for excellence. The Syracuse University diploma and transcripts are the same for all students – part time and full time. Our programs are innovative and our goals are focused on preparing you for the opportunities that will be available to you as an SU graduate.

Part-time students enroll through University College of Syracuse University, established almost a century ago to accommodate the aspirations of lifelong learners. There are no limits to what you can achieve as a part-time student here, with hundreds of degree programs to explore throughout the University’s respected schools and colleges.

An Active Learning Environment

The University is known for cutting-edge research and intellectual exploration. This flourishes in an environment where students are encouraged to push boundaries, break down barriers, and embrace innovation. Part-time students are an integral part of this community, participating in all the University has to offer and distinguishing themselves among our alumni. Whether your goal is to advance your career, nurture your lifelong learning process, or promote your professional development, Syracuse University can accommodate your goals and help you fulfill your potential.

Faculty Engagement with Part-time Students

As a part-time student at Syracuse, you will be guided by an illustrious community of faculty who are invested in your education and appreciative of the unique contribution you make to the learning collective. Professors actively support and value the maturity and determination exhibited by part-time students, who often juggle work and family responsibilities alongside the pursuit of their educational goals.

Student Services: Above and Beyond

The services you need as a part-time student are all housed within University College at 700 University Avenue. Academic advisors, financial aid advisors, bursar and registration services, and the Higher Education Opportunity Program are all in one convenient location.

Information Sessions are scheduled regularly to give students thinking about part-time study a well-rounded view of how part-time study works at SU. If you do become a part-time student at SU, you’ll enjoy benefits like extended office hours, and walk-in hours.

Explore the extensive benefits of a Syracuse University experience for part-time students.

Undergraduate Students

Part-time students can earn a bachelor’s degree, associate degree or certificate from Syracuse University in a wide range of majors and disciplines. Find the program that works for you.

Graduate Students

If you want to take SU graduate courses as a nonmatriculated graduate student, you enroll through University College. Your advisor can give you an overview of graduate programs and refer you to the appropriate department

Transfer Students

Transfer students who want to study part time are always welcome at UC. Undergraduate transfers must take at least 30 credit hours of coursework at Syracuse University in order to be granted an SU degree.

Questions about Part-Time Study?