An internship is a great way to explore career fields, learn new skills, and gain hands-on experience. Internships are available locally, nationally, and around the world. Visit the Career Services  site for helpful tips and facts about pursuing an internship.

Internship Proposal/Agreement
Office Of The Registrar

Independent Study / Experience Based Credit

An independent study course allows a student—in agreement with and guidance from their professor—to pursue a topic of interest that doesn’t necessarily fit into a traditional academic curriculum. Students gain research experience in their field of interest and can delve deeper into a specialized topic.

Independent Study Proposal
Office of The Registrar

Incomplete Grade Request

Students may request an Incomplete if they have exceptional circumstances that prevent them from fulfilling all course requirements on time. An Incomplete Grade Request must be approved by the instructor, with all requirements and provisions agreed upon beforehand.

Request for Incomplete Grade
Office of The Registrar


Students can access additional forms, such as a Declaration of Major, Request for Incomplete Grade, Internship Proposal, and more, at the SU Registrar’s forms page .