Students may drop classes via MySlice . There is no need to present a drop form to UC for processing. Classes dropped by the University’s official academic drop deadline are not recorded on the transcript and are not calculated into the GPA. However, only classes dropped during the financial drop period will result in a tuition adjustment.

Know Your Deadlines!

The amount of any tuition adjustment will be based on the academic deadline in place on the date you drop the class. For exact deadline dates associated with a class, consult MySlice>Schedule of Classes. Once you are registered, view deadlines via your online class schedule at MySlice>Enrollment>View My Class Schedule or MySlice>Finances>View Financial Deadlines.


Financial Aid Recipients

Financial Aid recipients will be prevented from dropping below 6 credit hours until advised of possible financial repercussions. You may be in danger of losing your federal loans. You will be required to indicate via e-mail that you accept responsibility for any outstanding balance. After that time, you will be cleared to drop.


Questions about Costs & Registration?