BPS Tuition at a Glance

Undergraduate Tuition Rate Summer 2017 – Spring 2018
Part-time undergraduate student $814 per credit
New York State residents with the BPS Scholarship applied
*Anticipated cost for a 3-credit class would be $1,221
$407 per credit*

BPS Scholarship provides 50% off Tuition

The BPS Scholarship for New York State residents covers 50% of the cost of tuition for students who reside in New York State. The scholarship is not based on merit or need—it will be automatically applied for New York residents who enroll in BPS degree or certificate programs.

The scholarship can continue for six (6) years or until the bachelor’s degree or certificate is completed—whichever comes first.


Newly matriculated Bachelor of Professional Studies degree or certificate students who reside in New York State.


Students do not need to apply for this scholarship—eligible students will receive notification of the award following their initial enrollment.


Syracuse University strives to ensure that every student has the resources needed to earn a degree or take a class without undue financial hardship.

A variety of financial aid opportunities, grants, and scholarships are available for students who don’t qualify for the BPS Scholarship. Payment options are also available to help you manage any remaining balance.

Explore the many alternatives we offer for financing your education, and discover how affordable an SU degree can be!