BPS offerings for employers

Ensure Your Organization’s Success

Sweeping technological and communication advances have created a business climate that must adapt quickly and effectively to changes—and for this businesses need employees with strong leadership and knowledge management skills.

University College of Syracuse University offers the Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS); a unique undergraduate degree that aligns with employers’ employment criteria. The program offers both a degree and certificate* option in the following tracks:

Creative Leadership

No matter what business you’re in, interpersonal skills like networking, relationship building, and conflict resolution are essential. This program highlights traits like agility, creativity, and innovation, and emphasizes the value of understanding and facilitating diversity. Students learn the collaborative skills needed to create inclusive, diverse business environments.

Knowledge Management

Advancements in technology make it essential for workers to know how to identify, retrieve, evaluate, and share information and institutional knowledge. Students learn how to streamline processes, and make information available when, where, and by whom it is needed. The program also emphasizes the need to protect and secure your institutional knowledge from loss.

Tuition Discounts Available

Do you have employees who would benefit from one of these programs? Generous discounts valued at as much as 50% of tuition are available for employers who have a group of employees enroll in these programs.

We also offer a variety of payment options for your employees, including an Employer Tuition Reimbursement Plan for students whose employers offer tuition benefits.

To speak to a representative about these programs and available financing options, please call Nichole Henry at 1.866.498.9378 or e-mail parttime@uc.syr.edu.

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