Syracuse University offers two unique degree and certificate* programs in Professional Studies that provide the skills you need to succeed in the digital economy. Both the Creative Leadership and Knowledge Management degree and certificate programs can be completed entirely online or with a combination of online and on campus classes.

Creative Leadership degree:

Build the leadership skills you need to thrive in the digital economy

Knowledge Management degree:

Learn how to use data to drive organizational success

Gain the skills you need to succeed

50% off tuition for eligible NYS residentsWell-rounded, knowledgeable, and outstanding leaders are in-demand in today’s ever-changing business climate. If you’re looking to change or advance your career, these programs give you the skills you need to move into leadership positions.

The 120-credit Bachelor of Professional Studies degree programs consist of a liberal studies core, professional competencies, major-specific requirements and electives.

Certificates in Creative Leadership and Knowledge Management are 15-credit programs (5 classes) that can be used as standalone credentials or folded into the BPS degree. These flexible degree and certificate programs allow you to take classes online, on campus, or a combination of both.

50% off tuition for eligible NYS residents We help you succeed with:

  • Programs tailored to meet the needs of working adults
  • Degrees and certificates from an internationally recognized university
  • A generous credit transfer policy
  • The ability to learn at your own pace and complete your degree on your terms
  • A degree program you can afford

Who should apply?

The program is ideal for:

  • Working professionals looking to expand employment opportunities
  • Those wishing to finish incomplete degrees
  • Active duty service members or veterans
  • Employees at companies offering education benefits
  • Management and marketing professionals whose traditional jobs are now “going digital” pushing them into new areas in which they don’t have direct experience

University College has collaborated with top local employers to design course content that aligns with their employment criteria.


* Creative Leadership Gainful Employment Disclosure
* Knowledge Management Gainful Employment Disclosure