How CNY Works

Each year, the Onondaga Citizens League conducts a comprehensive study about issues that are critical to the Central New York community. The 2016-17 study, “How CNY Works,” examines the different types of work that people in our region do, and the work opportunities we can expect in the future. It also addresses poverty and the ways it relates to

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Lights . . . cameras . . . Go SU Part time!

UC has a new TV commercial! University College will be 100 years old next year, but our inspiring TV commercial is brand new. The 30-second spot focuses on UC students and their journey to a college degree, which can be challenging but is often the most rewarding experience of their lives. Click here to see for yourself why so

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Folder of perfect candidates for the job

Fill your toolkit with relevant skills

Landing in a successful career in today’s global workforce requires skills that many recent college graduates don’t have. What is it that’s driving these new requirements, and how can students maximize their chances of having the workforce competencies they need? Consider Syracuse University’s Bachelor of Professional Studies in Knowledge Management or Creative Leadership. This “hire-level” degree provides the skills

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Top job skills

Which job skills should you focus on? Here are the top four!

A survey of business school staff and corporate recruiters conducted by Jeff Kavanaugh, senior partner at Infosys, found that the skills recruiters look for in potential employees are not necessarily the ones students focus on as they pursue their education. While many students believe that leadership is a skills that can be learned in a class, it’s actually more

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Tani Huddleson and her family

Teenage Mom Beats the Odds at UC

Just nine years ago, Tani Huddleson was a single, unemployed high school dropout with a newborn baby. She swore she’d give her son a better chance at life, and after earning her GED, Huddleson enrolled in a degree program at University College through the Higher Education Opportunity Program. Five years later, she is doing an internship in forensic science

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