An Inclusive College Experience

The Access Program is part of InclusiveU . InclusiveU is dedicated to the creation of opportunities in higher education for students with intellectual disabilities, helping them achieve their higher educational goals. InclusiveU Director Bud Buckhout, whose expertise is in inclusive educational services, works directly with professors, administrators, and departments at SU to create a truly inclusive educational experience for each student.

ACCESS is the result of a unique partnership between Onondaga Community Living and University College of Syracuse University that began in 2006. It allows students with intellectual/developmental disabilities to participate in auditing classes as non-matriculated students, and helps them navigate the college process.

Nine students at a time are enrolled in the program. It begins with students developing their educational plan with a University College advisor and registering for classes. Each student is paired with a campus mentor who assists them as needed – securing adaptations, taking notes, making presentations, completing assignments, and studying. ACCESS students are also paired with other SU students who help them adapt socially to college life through the Peer2Peer program .

ACCESS students must qualify for funding under Medicaid and have a personal commitment to doing the work required to continue their education. The goal of ACCESS is to empower and support each student as they pursue their personal goals related to college study, making them a valued member of the college campus.

Applying for ACCESS

Students with disabilities who are interested in participating in the program can find the application online at the Onondaga Community Living web site.

Those interested in being campus mentors for ACCESS students, should submit the ACCESS Application For Employment . A campus mentor job description  is available for interested students. Call Samuel Roux at 315-443-0351 or e-mail him at