A few words from Eta Pi scholarship winners, past and present.

The Eta Pi scholarship has made it possible for me to finish my bachelor’s degree in Social Work without incurring extreme financial hardship. My husband and I are both currently in school and have a young baby at home. This scholarship was literally an answer to prayer!

Leah King
2014 Bernice Meredith Wright Scholar

Even though I work for the University and am able to take classes, I am limited as to the number of credits I can take per year. I recently found out that I am 5 classes away from completing my degree but can take only 4 through the University program. The scholarship I received has given me the funds to pay for my last class, enabling me to graduate next Spring 2015 as I was hoping. I am truly honored to have received it.

Kelly Madison
2014 Marian Minnes Bahrenburg Scholar

 First, I am honored to be selected among others for this award. Eta Pi support has shown me that I’m not alone, that they care about non-traditional students such as myself living out their educational dreams. Also that age, race, or where a person came from don’t matter. Thank you again for recognizing us! 

Patricia McBride
2014 Elizabeth “BJ” Ryan Metz Scholar

 I want to help the people in my community by building their self-confidence and encouraging them to do anything they put their minds to. This scholarship will help me to further my education in the social work field and allow me to do what I am most passionate about. 

Jessica Pugh
2014 Connie Weibezahl Fisk Scholar

 I am unbelievably grateful to the Eta Pi Scholarship donors. This was truly a gift to myself and my family. Because of their generosity, I will be able to graduate when I had hoped to. I will also be able to spend more time on school work and less worrying about financing my education. Thank you a million times. This truly is a gift that I too will pass on in the future. 

Jennifer C. Finn
2014 Nancy Callahan Gelling Scholar

 The scholarship meant that I was given an opportunity. It also meant someone cared that I had an opportunity to further my education, and someday I would be able to pay it forward. 

Della J. Smith
2014 Class of “56 Scholar

 Receiving the Eta Pi Scholarship was such a blessing. As a military wife and mother, being able to pursue my dream of becoming a social worker with the help of the Eta Pi Scholarship is so greatly appreciated. 

Tasha Benjamin
2014 M. Elizabeth Brydon Scholar